Stanley C. Keeley, Jr. – Plumbing

Burlington College

 Stan has started from the basic cad operator and through his past 14 years in the engineering profession has become a very valuable employee for our firm. The skills that he has acquired over the years from basic cad duties, to client managements and employee training, have proven to be a real asset to the firm. Stan’s client management skills have improved over the years to make him one of our trusted project managers. His eagerness to learn has helped to expand his knowledge in the engineering field to include HVAC, Electrical, Refrigeration and Architectural trades to assist in project coordination. He has also brought to the firm, his vast knowledge of computer networking and programming which has improved our procedures and time management.


Before becoming a member of EDG, Stan worked for two high profile engineering firms in New Jersey, gaining experience in a wide variety of projects and a broad selection of industry contacts which he enjoys maintaining to ensure positive results with every project.


Highlights of Project Experience:


  • Stop & Shop – East Coast Area
    • Lead plumbing designer to rollout their stores across the East Coast and to apply alternate design concepts to meet different site difficulties. The use of a vacuum system to collect gray water and clear water through out the store to make remodeling their stores more efficient. Interacting with Marc Wall, Stop & Shop’s head of the plumbing department, to evaluate their standards and procedures to optimize their installation and store layout.
  • Lexus of Edison – Edison, NJ
    • New ground-up construction of a Lexus dealership fulfilling the high standards upheld by the brand name.  Design challenges included routing of all piping concealed to maintain a high end look. The design of an attached car wash and very difficult site conditions.  All mechanical systems needed to be coordinated with the 2nd floor parking garage located on top of the entire dealership.
  • A&P – West New York, NJ
    • This project was very challenging due to a 9 story apartment building atop of the supermarket. The coordination with all utilities from the apartments and the tenant’s space made this project a great learning experience. The coordination with the shell building team and our team taught me a great deal of time management to meet the project deadline. We had to research alternate plumbing designs due to the complex site conditions and were able to over come them with great success.
  • Monteforte Architectural Studio – Neptune, NJ
    • This project was different from all other projects because it was not based on my plumbing knowledge rather my networking/IT. They had networking/computer problems that needed some assistance to resolve. They were looking for an easy but reliable back-up solution, anti-virus and spyware solution, and expansion of their storage space. With my 10 years of networking experience maintaining engineering company’s infrastructure made this task enjoyable to share my knowledge with another firm and teach them about new technologies.



Supermarket Chains: A&P, Acme, Giant, King Kullen, Pathmark, Price Chopper, Redners, Shop Rite, Super Fresh, Super Stop & Shop, Harris Teeter, Genuardi’s.


Retail Chains: Dunkin Donuts, Brooks Brothers, Lexus Dealership, Charlie Browns, Baja Fresh, Apple Bees.


Miscellaneous: Various restaurants, office buildings, warehouses and garages.  Nursing homes, residential homes, banks.  Basin Robbins, LA Fitness, Monmouth County Parks, NY/NJ Port Authority, Ruby Tuesday’s.