Energy Audits

ENERGY AUDIT An energy audit is an inspection, survey & analysis of energy flows, for energy conservation to reduce the amount of energy input into the system without negatively affecting the output(s). This is the first step in identifying opportunities to reduce energy expense in commercial and industrial real estate. With a study of the utility bills, EDG can examine the MEP systems (HVAC, lighting, boilers, chillers, domestic hot water, etc.) and building envelope composition (windows, doors, roofing insulation, etc.) and will suggest energy conservation measures with low simple payback periods that have the potential to reduce our clients energy use and cost.       LEED BUILDING SERVICES   Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a certification program for new and existing buildings that use a point and scorecard system. EDG will help design resourceful equipment with the following but not limited to; decrease water consumption, decrease energy usage, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, recycle natural resources, and utilize renewable energy.       COMMISSIONING   Commissioning is the quality-focused process of verifying and documenting that the building systems are designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained so that a facility operates efficiently and meets the functionality as desired by the owner. EDG will be involved in the early stages of a new project. Our main goal is to incorporate a second set of eyes for the inclusion of energy-efficient and operationally-based systems in the design phase. This can guarantee our clients to receive continuous savings and aim to avoid costly maintenance or safety issues from surfacing in construction or occupancy. For existing buildings, the retro-process identifies systems with less-than-most favorable performance and determines upfront costs versus operational savings for upgrading or enhancing these systems to boost performance. EDG offers a cost-effective and risk-management strategy for reducing energy and greenhouse gas emissions in buildings.         REBATE AND INCENTIVE EXPEDITING Many different city, state and federal government-level programs support green initiatives and energy consumption reduction. These programs aim to reduce the burden on utility companies. EDG facilitates the process of implementing and providing knowledge to building owners about the existence of these advantageous energy-efficient programs. We will research, finalize and file all applications to help clients obtain the benefits of their energy efficient upgrades.       RENEWABLE ENERGY SERVICES   EDG has an established track record of delivering a wide range of energy efficient solutions and innovative renewable energy engineering projects, including solar, wind & geothermal. We will provide each projects installation cost, state/federal/government rebates, and energy savings that can offer an increase to our clients return on their asset.