EDG approaches each project with new eyes. We understand that no two projects are alike. From a simple receptacle location to the complete overhaul of the electrical distribution. Projects can pose a myriad of coordination issues. EDG loves the challenge and is always willing to take a proactive approach to our electrical design concepts.

No electrical project is too big or too small.

Primary and secondary distribution design and specification, service load calculations, circuiting and controls of all lighting and power devices, fire alarm, security systems, telecommunications, co-generation facilities, renewable energy design, and utility integration are just some of the parts to the entire electrical design package we offer.

EDG has the knowledge, experience and flexibility to provide the best engineering services for any situation. Come see what sets us apart from the others.


EDG successfully blends our extensive field HVAC experience with continual industry education to offer our clients the most practical, yet innovative, designs possible. From ground-up projects to renovations and additions, in both the private and public sectors, we are able to assess the specific project and client needs to formulate the most energy efficient and cost effective solution.

All HVAC designs include the performance of in-depth load calculations, full code compliance, complete equipment specification packages and fully ducted designs. We also perform value engineering analysis and do extensive research into unique design solutions for various types of HVAC applications. We are experienced with energy analysis, radiant heat design, commercial kitchen venting, desiccant units, packaged units, split systems, dehumidification systems, and a wide variety of control options. EDG is able to rely on a broad selection of industry contacts, ensuring that all possible design solutions are thoroughly investigated.

EDG puts a priority on attending seminars and classes regarding technological advances in the HVAC field, from both a design and application perspective. The industry is constantly changing as emerging technologies are brought from the theoretical to the functional and EDG strives to stay ahead of the curve.


From performing load calculations, sizing equipment and piping to design of process and fluid flow systems EDG can provide our clients with dependable systems that are fundamentally sound. Our approach is simple… don’t over think the process. Some firms get caught up in the excitement of new trends and make quick decisions to change the proven methods of past designs. While EDG always stays current with design trends we tend to take a more reserved approach to research the trends until all possible disadvantages are known and discussed. Our clients have come to trust EDG and know that our plumbing design and specifications are practical, cost effective and dependable.

Fire Alarm/Protection

As building construction evolves and new materials are being utilized, the need for fire alarm systems do also increase. Protecting life and property is a primary concern and is the basis for all EDG fire alarm designs. At the inception of the project EDG will delve into the classifications of each building and the code requirements, then compile all the research and develop concrete fire alarm documents that have proven to be a standard in the fire community.

We can design and specify everything from non addressable simplistic systems for our smaller clients to fully addressable fire alarm systems equipped with mass notification for our larger clientele. Fire manufacturers selection, specification , battery calculations, detailed riser diagrams, and a commitment to detail are all included in our approach. Allow us to show you what leaders in the fire industry are saying about the intelligent and innovative approach EDG takes when protecting your future.

Fire Protection, from assisting and directing project members in everything from flow test and performance specifications to complete sprinkler designs, EDG has the experience and intelligence to understand the building layout and efficiently design a complete sprinkler and fire suppression system. Flow, tamper, OSY, Back flow prevention, fire department interface are all part of the design approach. Sprinkler head locations whether concealed, upright, or sidewall are all located with a conscious effort on suppressing the fire and provide uniformity with the water flow coverage. No sprinkler system is too small or too large we will assist you every step of the way.

Lighting Design/Specification

Clients continually come back to EDG for assistance in new and cost effective design approaches to their lighting needs. EDG has the experience and knowledge to develop a set of extraordinary documents which exceed the client’s expectations.

Solar Photovoltaic

Photovoltaic energy is the most promising and popular form of solar energy. In solar photovoltaics, sunlight is actually converted into electricity. This is very different from a conventional understanding of solar power as only a way of heating water. Photovoltaic, now the biggest usage of solar energy around the world, is briefly explained below:

Sunlight is made of photons, small particles of energy. These photons are absorbed by and pass through the material of a solar cell or solar photovoltaic panel. The photons ‘agitate’ the electrons found in the material of the photovoltaic cell. As they begin to move (or are dislodged), these are ‘routed’ into a current. This, technically, is electricity – the movement of electrons along a path.

Wire conducts these electrons, either to batteries or to the regular electrical system of the house, to be used by appliances and other household electrical items. In many solar energy systems, the battery stores energy for later use. This is especially true when the sun is shining strongly.


With a strong knowledge base of more than 20 years, EDG has not only the design experience but also the installation and service experience to engineer a complete and efficient refrigeration system. Specifications, line sizing and design calculations are part of the puzzle but EDG goes beyond that, constantly thinking outside the box looking for ways to improve upon one of the most overlooked system in our industry.

EDG will approach each project from both a design standpoint and a installation and maintenance point of view as well. This approach enables EDG to recognize potential field conditions that would provide a challenge or hardship for the client in the field. By utilizing this mentality EDG has become one of the most recognized names in the supermarket industry – being the firm to depend on for solid refrigeration systems. Our list of clients is vast and all utilize our knowledge and experience to ensure their refrigeration needs are exceeded.

Specialty Services

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Due Diligence reports
  • Construction Documents
  • Construction Administration
  • Energy Services and Solutions
  • CAD Services
  • Cost Estimating / Budget Preparation
  • Master Plan Development
  • LEED Design
  • Indoor Air Quality Management
  • Building Automation
  • Consulting Client Representation
  • Lease Exhibit Preparation

Energy Audits


An energy audit is an inspection, survey & analysis of energy flows, for energy conservation to reduce the amount of energy input into the system without negatively affecting the output(s). This is the first step in identifying opportunities to reduce energy expense in commercial and industrial real estate. With a study of the utility bills, EDG can examine the MEP systems (HVAC, lighting, boilers, chillers, domestic hot water, etc.) and building envelope composition (windows, doors, roofing insulation, etc.) and will suggest energy conservation measures with low simple payback periods that have the potential to reduce our clients energy use and cost.






Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a certification program for new and existing buildings that use a point and scorecard system. EDG will help design resourceful equipment with the following but not limited to; decrease water consumption, decrease energy usage, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, recycle natural resources, and utilize renewable energy.






Commissioning is the quality-focused process of verifying and documenting that the building systems are designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained so that a facility operates efficiently and meets the functionality as desired by the owner. EDG will be involved in the early stages of a new project. Our main goal is to incorporate a second set of eyes for the inclusion of energy-efficient and operationally-based systems in the design phase. This can guarantee our clients to receive continuous savings and aim to avoid costly maintenance or safety issues from surfacing in construction or occupancy. For existing buildings, the retro-process identifies systems with less-than-most favorable performance and determines upfront costs versus operational savings for upgrading or enhancing these systems to boost performance. EDG offers a cost-effective and risk-management strategy for reducing energy and greenhouse gas emissions in buildings.






Many different city, state and federal government-level programs support green initiatives and energy consumption reduction. These programs aim to reduce the burden on utility companies. EDG facilitates the process of implementing and providing knowledge to building owners about the existence of these advantageous energy-efficient programs. We will research, finalize and file all applications to help clients obtain the benefits of their energy efficient upgrades.






EDG has an established track record of delivering a wide range of energy efficient solutions and innovative renewable energy engineering projects, including solar, wind & geothermal. We will provide each projects installation cost, state/federal/government rebates, and energy savings that can offer an increase to our clients return on their asset.